Greater Than You (demo)

* Note: You'll need a mouse+keyboard to play this game,
so many mobile devices won't be compatible.
Also, if you're on a mobile device and can't play this file,
try Firefox.

Some tips...

- You're the black and green 'greater than' symbol.
- You will die in two hits.
- Certain enemies take multiple hits to kill.
- Explosions can also hurt you, so if you get too close to the
orange Crazy Times enemy when it explodes, you might die along with it!

A side-scrolling space shooter, or 'shmup. Gameplay is intended to be a bullet/enemy-hell (i.e. crazy difficulty). Uses the mouse cursor for movement and the WASD keys for attacking. Uses several counters for stat-tracking and unit health/visuals/behaviors, randomizers for enemy spawning.

The "story" behind the game is that a mathematical 'greater than' symbol has gone to war against plus signs, equals signs and many other math symbols to become...well, greater than them! Realistic, isn't it?

Originally a solo class project, it became a hobby to continue working on and improve this game. It's only a demo, so gameplay balancing still needs tweaking and some functions/menus are currently missing. Sorry! ;)
Greater Than You shmup Flash demo